How I got into programming

Let me tell you, how I started in primary school with c++, as one of my first programming language.

My first contact was around with the age of 10. As I needed to write a bat script to allocate more ram in java, so I could run Minecraft, on my dad’s old notebook.

I didn’t write the script, I just copied the error message, pasted it in google search and directly began with the first result. A YouTube video, where I just followed the steps shown. Because I didn’t understand English at that level. So now my Minecraft was working, not good but I could play it.

At the next time where I could play with the notebook, I wanted to play Minecraft again. And ran the .bat script but was thinking about what exactly was, what I copied. So, I just closed Minecraft and run it without, to get the error again, so that I can paste it in the google search like the first time. Added a filter for German results only. And understand it, by reading different forums what this script did. And I followed with another google search with “.bat” and just had my eye for the magical codes open, that I just copy pasted into the file and executed without thinking about.

One day I came a YouTube Tutorial about programming across, with ”programming” I had another term for these magic codes and the tutorial was about c++. When I look back, with a python tutorial would have been an easier start. Or even better scratch. At this point I couldn’t write code. I just searched what I want to do and copied pasted code till it did what I wanted. I got fast the understanding on how code is structured and that the formatting is key where I must past the code in, in order to work most of the time. I can remember that I made a console application in c++ where I was able to navigate a menu to select my favorite browser games and YouTube channels.

After 2 or 3 years I went to the secondary school and had my own laptop, to code and play Minecraft on. I can remember that I got bored at the last lessons of the day, because the schedule got bigger and lessons were longer in the new school. My brain was already at home trying to play with code at the last few lessons. I had lessons where I just write code on a piece of paper. And as I arrived home, I directly wrote it in the IDE, I used Visual Studio 2015. The programs did nothing more than have a menu with different sections and menu points hard-coded into it.

I tried after a while to write Minecraft Plugins, to have the players greet when they joined my server. But I never understood the abstraction of code with event handlers and so much stuff, to work with libraries. I never got my head around. I think today I could just do what I wasn’t able to. But after a long period where I just copied code from tutorials. And never came to write my own code. Then I just focused more on installing existing plugins, on my Minecraft server that I rented. And had fun with my friends. To build a community and have players. But never happened, I saw the concept of using a proxy server to have multiple Minecraft servers, for their own task. Like A hub server where all players spawn. Select a game and then got relay on the right server dedicated to the game.

But at time Minecraft Servers where stupid expensive so I came to my first vps and got with Linux familiar. I just loved to share on skype my screen and let my friends see me in the shell how I setup the servers. What a hacker I was. And I stuck with setting game servers for my and my friends up, on a vps. For several years because there was not much time for programming. So, I played a lot in my free time and did much with linux. After a year I came to csgo and with that gambling with skins was not far away. So, me with my group of friends, wanted to have a gambling page where we just play and for fun. But that is for another story.